Challenge: Alcohol and Drug Treatment and Comorbidity

Tobacco, alcohol and drug problems make up 10% of the global burden of disease. There have been major health gains with the fall in smoking rates, however overall the combined morbidity both physical and mental present a major challenge to health services. An integrated approach to tackling comorbidities requires a paradigm shift in approaches to this major burden.

Mindgardens solution

Mindgardens will have core expertise to tackle this problem with a specific research focus on mental health and substance use comorbidity. This will break down silos and improve skill, knowledge and implementation across all health sectors.
In particular, Mindgardens will:

  • address the need for systems change approaches to tackling smoking cessation in the entire health care delivery system of NSW including Primary Care, Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Services
  • further develop new internet based interventions to treat alcohol problems in association with depression. This will enable better treatment access within rural and remote settings in NSW
  • further develop behavioural treatments for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder combined with substance use disorders. This approach has been demonstrated to be effective within the rural and remote indigenous population, and strategies for broader implementation across NSW will be established
  • undertake further work on opioid dependence and prescription opioid dependence in the community and in prisons and explore new technologies to enhance treatment access for rural and remote communities through new long acting treatments that can be delivered once monthly.