To create news ways of working and solving problems at scale, Mindgardens will create clear thematic research programs on core medical topic areas and cross-topic themes. These will both be supported by shared functions and platforms to maximise effectiveness and efficiency.

The initial set of core topic themes will be in 2 strategic disease burden categories:

1] Mental Health (including Drug & Alcohol, Depression, Suicide, Behavioural Change and the Developmental Brain) 2] Ageing (including Dementia, Healthy Ageing, Neurological Diseases)

Initial cross-topic themes will be:
  • Early intervention
  • Prevention
  • Longitudinal/Clinical Data/Outcome linkage
  • Integrated models of care
  • Social and environmental context
  • Behavioural change.
These core topic and cross-topic themes will be supported by the following platforms / infrastructure:
  • one-stop-shop clinics
  • data and ICT platform
  • common research infrastructure.